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Request for Proposal

External Evaluation of the Superar Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Slovakia 2021-2024


Superar is a non-profit organization that uses the potential of music to change society in a positive way by offering free choir, orchestra and musical courses to children and young people in seven European countries.

Superar is seeking a team of external evaluators to carry out a formative evaluation of Superar’s effectiveness, relevance and sustainability in three of its network countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary and Slovakia, which will contribute to results-based decision making in its operational and programmatic development. The external evaluation forms part of the Superar International Network programme funded by the IF – International Foundation until 2025, but will inform decision-making beyond this period.

For more details, please download the Terms of Reference


The timeframe of project activities covered by the evaluation starts (retrospectively) in September 2021 and ends in August 2024, with a final evaluation report expected by November 2024.


  1. Kick-off / review of current M&E Framework;
  2. Inception Report with detailed evaluation plan and methodology;
  3. Interim Report in the structure of final report;
  4. Final Evaluation Report and Country Reports including evaluation methodology, findings, and key recommendations.

 Candidate profile:

The ideal lead candidate will have 5 years or more experience working in evaluations or social science research in the field of education in the countries covered by the evaluation, supported by team members with excellent written and spoken English and the ability to conduct interviews in the national languages of the respective countries.

 Submission instructions:

Proposals should include the following elements:

  • CV(s) of lead evaluator and other team members proposed;
  • draft evaluation plan;
  • proposed evaluation methodology;
  • timeline;
  • Budget in EUR, including taxes, travel costs, logistics and other expenses.

Questions can be submitted until May 12, 2023, and answers will be provided by May 19. Proposals submitted by May 26 will be reviewed by the steering committee and a final decision is expected by June 7, 2023. Superar reserves the right to extend the deadline if proposals received by that date do not fulfil the requirements.

Please email your proposal with supporting documentation to Alice Bayer, M&E Officer Superar Austria: // cc

Request for Proposal