Superar Film "Kinders"

The Viennese filmmakers Arash and Arman Riahi followed some kids of Superar Vienna for about two years with their cameras. The result is their documentary "Kinders" in which they show how the kids learned to overcome their personal, ethnic or social barriers through the power of music. They joined school lessons, later the beginning of the Superar Vienna Orchestra. These children had to learn at an early age to find their way around the adult world. Either because the parents can not take care of them, because a parent has died far too early or a small blond girl had already to fight with a malignant tumor.
The children, despite - perhaps because of - their difficult start in life are extremely proud people who can articulate their anger, their fear, their joy or frustration refreshingly nonchalantly. Overcoming private and social hurdles is not an easy task. In the end, often only hope remains - and the belief in the power of music.
A dramatic, exciting, touching film about hidden potentials, creativity, integration, the power of music and the possible future of our society. 

We are very proud of this film and can recommend it to everybody, who is interested in what music can do and what children can achieve through music. Available as dvd here 


length of film: 95’
Bonusmaterial: 45’
Content Bonusmaterial: Deleted Scenes, „Kinders“ Trailer, More Trailers (Die Migrantigen, Free Lunch Society, Everyday Rebellion, Nacht der 1000 Stunden, Nervenbruch Zusammen)
Subtitles Film: german, german barrierefree, english, french, italian, czech und bosnian
Subtitles Trailer: englisch

Trailer English