Superar Film "Kinders"

The Viennese filmmakers Arash and Arman Riahi followed several students from Superar Vienna for about two years with their cameras. The result is a documentary entitled “Kinders,” in which they depict how music helped these children overcome personal, ethnic and social barriers. The students they follow participated in Superar at school before becoming some of the original participants in Superar’s Vienna orchestra.

These children faced tremendous difficulties: one of the students was an orphan, while another fought cancer at a young age. The children, despite—or perhaps because of—their difficult starts in life, are proud people who articulate their emotions with refreshing honesty.

It is a dramatic and touching film about hidden potential, creativity, integration, and the power of music. We are very proud of this film and recommend it to everyone who is interested in the transformative potential of music. Available on DVD here.


Runtime: 95 minutes
Bonus material: 45 minutes, includes deleted scenes as well as its trailer, among others (Die Migrantigen, Free Lunch Society, Everyday Rebellion, Nacht der 1000 Stunden, Nervenbruch Zusammen)
Subtitles: German, German (barrierefree), English, French, Italian, Czech and Bosnian

Trailer English