Superar Partner

The HILTI Foundation - Our Main Partner

The Hilti Foundation was established as a charitable organisation by the Martin Hilti Family Trust in 1996. Since 2007, the Hilti Foundation has been a joint organisation of the Martin Hilti Family Trust and the Hilti Group.

Under its guiding principle 'We build a better future', the Hilti Foundation provides support to projects and institutions around the world that make a sustainable contribution to social development. The Foundation's work centres around their commitment to helping disadvantaged people to help themselves and lead a self-determined and independent way of life. With its activities, the Hilti Foundation strives to promote sustainability and strengthen the fundamental qualities of a modern society.

Following many years of working with 'El Sistema' in Venezuela, the Hilti Foundation set itself the target of spreading the basic philosophy of this unique music teaching initiative to other countries, so it is now supporting Superar in Liechtenstein and Switzerland as well as in Austria.

Michael Hilti about Superar

Superar is a great European music initiative that is committed to fostering equal opportunities, respectful intercultural relations and social integration. (…) What strikes me most is that Superar classes from different countries rehearse a joint repertoire which they regularly perform in public concerts both at home as well as in joint performances abroad. That’s why the children grow with every event, gain self-confidence and excel – the Spanish word 'Superar' means “to surpass oneself' after all.
— Michael Hilti