Mission - Aims - Principles

Mission Statement

Superar provides training in music and dance and offers access to the positive effects of the performing arts to all children free of charge.

Superar students:

  • overcome social and cultural boundaries
  • are empowered to seize opportunities
  • establish dialogue across borders
  • inspire their peers and communities through their work
  • celebrate joint creative work with contagious joy

Music making at Superar also strengthens soft skills such as concentration, positive attitude, communication, creativity, self-awareness, discipline, confidence and responsibility. Making music together fosters teamwork, sharpens the ability to express and accept criticism, and creates a lasting sense of community.

We believe that every child possesses a natural ability for music. Through training based on respect, enthusiasm and positive motivation, our children develop a deep connection with music that will last a lifetime.


Superar aims to establish an extensive network of music across Europe. Existing structures are currently being developed and expanded to establish high-quality training in singing and instrumental music as an integral part of the daily lives of children.

Our aim is to exert a strong and lasting impact in every participant, making them aware of their potential, emphasizing their individual value and highlighting their importance within society at large. 


Artistic excellence

Superar selects teachers on the basis of pedagogical, artistic and musical excellence. We continue this effort through regular training, feedback and team building for our teachers. 


Vocal and instrumental classes take place two to four times (four to seven hours total) every week for children at preschools, schools and community centres.

Free of charge 

Participants do not pay to join any of our projects. Lessons, instruments, materials and performances are all free of charge. Through this, Superar promotes equal opportunity.

Further development 

Superar programs are conceived to provide a continually increasing level of development to all participants, and encourage mutual support among peers, old and new.


From day one, our students’ sense of self-worth and social cohesion is fostered via regular performances, some of which take place on famous stages.

International cultural exchange 

Superar’s international locations collaborate with each other and in partnership with other networks to build bridges of communication across distant regions and cultures.


  • Caritas
  • Konzerthaus
  • Wiener Sängerknaben


  • Hilti Foundation