What we do

Superar provides high quality musical training free of charge

Supporting every single child effectively, allowing them to realise their vocal potential and introducing them to musical instruments trains their ability to focus, motivation to perform, creativity and confidence. Working together creatively strongly reinforces a sense of community, communication skills, consideration for others, tolerance and the ability to accept criticism. Passing on these skills is a fundamental part of our concept and is at the core of the socio-political and education policy issues.

Encourage, inspire, support with Music

Positive experience of joint creative work 

Superar started to set up choirs at Viennese schools in 2009, with an orchestra following in 2013. All Superar lessons are free of charge for all participants. The program thus can reach those young people, who are not integrated in cultural and musical structures or supported for various reasons. In 2017 Superar is working with more than 2000 Kids in choirs and orchestras in the Superar locations in Switzerland, Bosnia and Herzegowina, Romania, Slovakia and Liechtenstein. 
All locations act autonomously but are connected through a shared sense of teaching and a common annual repertoire, that make joint concerts including different Superar groups or classes even across borders possible at any time. 

Superar teachers and musicians are well prepared in pedagogical patterns with a very special focus on positive motivation and a high sense of enthusiasm to help every single participant to achieve the best level possible.  


Singing with Superar

At the singing lessons, entire classes or groups of pupils who have not undergone any prior selection process receive musical training to help them to achieve the best level possible, and receive long-term support to help them to do so. The work carried out two to four times a week with a trained choir conductor ensures a continual creative musical process and with it the development of other more general cognitive and social skills.

Superar´s main focus are schools, where singing lessons are integrated in the daily program. There entire classes have singing lessons four times a week with a Superar teacher. Selection of schools and locations depend on their social background. On areas with demanding sourroundings, the program can play it´s strenghts concerning social inclusion and encouragement of the individual. 

All our lessons are free of charge for all participants. 

Singing Lessons for entire classes

Watch a Superar Orchestra growing up

Playing an Instrument with Superar

Instrument lessons also take place in groups. The set-up of Superar's first-ever orchestra goes back to April 2013. 60 children and young people with no background in musical instruments were brought together and started practising the violin, cello and viola for up to eight hours per week. Superar orchestras today exist in Vienna and Switzerland and starting in Slovakia.

Most of the teaching takes place in small groups, instrument by instrument, with lessons focused on participants not only learning how to use the instruments, but also gaining a basic knowledge of music theory and how to handle and care for the instruments they are borrowing. The motivating factor at each rehearsal is bringing together all of them to form a complete orchestra by the final phase of the orchestra rehearsals. Today around 300 kids, mainly at Superar Vienna and Superar Suisse play an instrument. Several performances have been given already, also at very renowed houses like Tonhalle Zürich and Wiener Konzerthaus. Both of the orchestras already reached a very respectable level. By playing an instrument, participants experience the joy of making music, have fun in learning and working, and discover the benefits of perseverance and patience and the beauty of focusing on a task.

Dancing with Superar

Dancing is an important part to express oneself and a perfect way to express emotions. Moving to music sharpens every participants self-confidence and body-awareness. In some locations Superar also offers a dancing lessons or include moving and dancing in existing singing lessons. In Vienna Superar leads a musical class, in cooperation with renown "Vereinigte Bühnen Wien", where dancing is a very important part.  

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